the mt26 microtrencher


The All-New MT26 Microtrencher

Reduce your cost-per-foot with the Ditch Witch® MT26 Microtrencher, giving you a clean, smooth trench with just one pass.



Angle of departure17.2˚17.2˚
Trench depth0-26 in0-660.4 mm
Blade diameter63 in1600 mm
Attachment height, transport112 in2845 mm
Ground clearance, min12.2 in310 mm
Length, transport, from centerline of rear axle130.6 in3317 mm
Working length, from centerline of rear axle142.1 in3609 mm
Saw offset distance28.8 in730 mm
Centerline saw to centerline unit, min4 in102 mm
Width, max82.8 in2103 mm
Trench width1.5-3 in38.1-76.2 mm
Centerline unit to outside left tire (31×10 solid tires)31.5 in800 mm
Centerline unit to end of traverse frame32.7 in831 mm
Width, transport68.6 in1742 mm
Saw tilt adjustment+/- 8.5˚+/- 8.5˚
Attachment weight3,567 lb1617.96 kg
Saw motor displacement57.5 in3943 cc
Blade speed, variable0-140 rpm0-140 rpm

Features & Benefits

Make clean trenches from 1.5-in to 3-in wide (76.2-mm) and
26-in (660.4-mm) deep in one easy pass with a standard
hydraulic trench cleaner, lowering your cost per foot.

Equipped with a standard hydraulic plunge, the MT26 eliminates the need for manual adjustment by providing infinite variable depth control from 0 to 26 inches.

The MT26 can be equipped with a wide variety of unique blades from standard carbide-tipped blades to Ditch Witchexclusive PDC blades with diamond embedded carbide.

Part of a complete microtrenching system that includes the RT80 ride-on tractor and HX75 vacuum excavator, the MT26 was designed based on direct operator feedback and jobsite demands.

Get better performance with the MT26 hydraulic accumulators which maintain constant down pressure on the saw for the cleanest cut possible.

The demands of every jobsite are different—which is why the MT26 comes standard with a saw swing, slide, lift, level, tilt and trench cleaners. Optional vac ports and spoil chutes available.